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with the golden plastic gun is 25-year-old university of texas law student cody wilson, founder of defense distributed air, nonprofit dedicated to protecting access to guns, and he is very clear why he wants to make plastic firemans and high-capacity magazines available online. >> that's a real political act, giving you a magazine. telling you that that will never be taken away. that's real politics. that's rad capitol hill equality. that's what i believe in. i'm just resisting. what am i resisting? i don't know. the institutionalization of the human psyche? i'm not sure. >> stephen: yeah. thies real rallying cry. what do we want? guns. why do we want them? i don't know. ( laughter ) ( applause ) ( cheers and applause ) folks, this is a game changer, and not just because it looks like it was made by hasbro. remember, kids, the bright plastic gun is daddy's. this kind of gun is so accessible to so many people so quickly, defense distributed is even calling it a wiki-weapon because like wikipedia it will also be used to settle bar bets. well, sad to say, no surprise, uncle sam goosestepped
people, nine of whom had an immigrant background. the trial was interrupted several times as defense attorneys tried to force would delays. >> we will go to our correspondent at the courthouse in just a moment, but first, we have this report. >> the wrangling between the court and the defense team threatened to further delay the trial. the day began with the defendant entering a motion demanding a bigger court room to allow more people to follow the trial. after the court rejected the demands, the charges were finally read out. she is accused of having helped plan and organize the murders and other attacks allegedly carried out by two men. the victims' relatives and their lawyers are believed the trial is finally moving forward. >> i am very happy the trial is proceeding, that the decisions have been made in the indictment read out. i think in the past few weeks, we have lost enough time with formalities, and we should now proceed with the real work. then in the indictment also charges zschape's four co- defendants as accomplices. they are accused of providing them with paper work in
press. >> this comes as the white house is already on the defense about benghazi and the terror attacks and the irs targeting a conservative group. kelly wright with the newest details on the benghazi investigation. but we start with anna kooiman and the government seizure of secret procedures. unprecedented violation of the freedom of the press. the justice department under fire as attorneys for the associated press say it secretly obtained records for 20 phone lines both work and personal. they scanned several bureaus the press gallery and house of representatives. more than 140 reporters work in the offices where the records were taken. >> they haven't told us what they were looking for or why we didn't get prior notice. this seems to be very broad and we don't really know what it's about. >> the white house saying it has no knowledge of the doj inquiry. jay carney said we have no knowledge of any attempts by the justice department to seek phone records of the ap. we are not involved with decisions involved with criminal investigations. the justice department refuses to say why it fo
defense attorney that faced the state's mountain of evidence against jodi arias but also a defendant so out of control that she granted a bombshell television interview even before the jury decides whether she lives or dies. more from fox phoenix anchor tray hayden's exclusive interview with a convicted killer and why, if it was self-defense, jodi never went to the police. >> you're talking about your defense a little bit and you wish they had done this or that. are you happy with your defense? >> i'm grateful for my defense. they've worked very hard. >> 100%? >> not 100%. but they've worked very hard. >> does kirk like you? >> it's not about whether or not you like jodi arias. nine days out of ten i don't like jodi arias. >> i think nine days out of ten. one day out of nine -- one day out of ten. >> why did you get along? >> we actually got along very well for a long time and then we just have had clashes in ideas and ultimately, he's the boss. >> what would you have changed? >> there is a man who saw me with bruises all over. i would have made every effort to find him and they didn't.
a motive. >>> defense is attorneys are questioning the thoughts of the 12-year-old boy. no camera and evidence was offered. the judge said he could be behind bars 11 years and they are questioning whether the boy is old enough to aid his own defense. the boy could be back in two weeks. >> the navy canceled 60 performances because of federal budget cuts and now there is a campaign to raise the $50,000 to -- 650,000 dollars to fly over and at last check they have raised 55,000 so far. >>> the agency targeted conservative groups applying for exempt tax status. president barack obama called it a breach of trust and house speaker john boehner said somebody needs to go to jail and michelle bachman said the internal revenue service tried to up tim date them. >>> there could be cuts to the food stamp program and they have cut 2. $5 billion from a farm's bill. democrats say any cuts increase the suffering for people who need help buying foods and this must still be worked out. >>> police have arrested a man in connection with a mother's day parade that left three people injured. they arre
is moving forward. it has been delayed by defense motions. >> i think in the past few weeks we have spent enough time with formalities and we should proceed with the real work. foure indictment charges codefendants with assisting the trio. this trial could last two years, one thing that it cleared was the failure of the domestic security agency. later on in the week, a parliamentary committee released the report on the killings, and found that the security forces were too disorganized to link the group to these deaths, despite the tipoff from informers. the police investigated family members of thethconclusion of ta state governed by the rule of law. >> on tuesday, a new survey of european countries revealed failing support for the european union, against the background of the bureau's own debt crisis, only 45% of those asked had a positive view of the european union. the results from germany were different, in general germans were more upbeat than other europeans, but they agree on one thing, that they are dissatisfied with the job that political leaders are doing. >> also on tuesday, th
. that is the defense the bureaucrat. this is not unusual in government where they intentionally leave it for the bureaucrats to interpret it. the idea of obama was orderingng this is far-r-fetched. we do not know yet but i am going to be shocked. >> i a am not saying obama is, i am not suggesting it. but where did the guys in cincinnati sitting around lunch decide, is it a hotbed of left- wi activism? i have not heard that. on the rulules being ambiguous, the rule about targeting the tea party and people on the right and noanybody else, th can't be aule. no matter how ambiguous. >> everybody has stipulated. that was not a proper action. >> where did they get the idea that is s what we need to know? >> target the aclu and see what happens. >> the irs is the story here. that is the big one. this is going to grow. the republicans do run the risk, let me tell you, of overkill. the hearing they held on benghazi was a public lations disaster and i thihink they had better see the films of 1998. >> y y said d the pr testimony s >> thanks for >> it draws hillary clton into this and puts her fi
on defense after they let parker put down 25 in the the first half. not time to push the panic button. steph, how is your ankle? >> same old story. if it feels good enough to go tomorrow but until i wake up tomorrow and see, you just -- hope for the best, i guess. >> going to be a great series, and it's been thus far. so i don't look at it as a missed opportunity at all. with us, the learning experience, we build, we watch film, and we get better. >> mike: for the best fan experience you can have without being there followups on twitter while you watch the game. >>> today's nba playoffs, game knicks. paul george with the steal from chandler. pacers led by three at the half. indiana's big man, hibbert, looking like kareem. the pretty sky hook. late fourth quarter. indiana puts the game out of reach. david west, count it! two of his 11. pacers take the 2-1 series lead. 82-71 the final. >>> in memphis, fans pumped up for game three between the thunder and grizzlies. kevin durant leading the way for okc. thunder, by one at the break. but memphis, powered by marc gas kroll, late fourth quarter. b
last night. the warriors put their focus on defense after they let parker put down 25 in the the first half. not time to push the panic button. steph, how is your ankle? >> same old story. if it feels good enough to go tomorrow but until i wake up tomorrow and see, you just -- hope for the best, i guess. >> going to be a great series, and it's been thus far. so i don't look at it as a missed opportunity at all. with us, the learning experience, we build, we watch film, and we get better. >> mike: for the best fan experience you can have without being there followups on twitter while you watch the game. >>> today's nba playoffs, game knicks. paul george with the steal from chandler. pacers led by three at the half. indiana's big man, hibbert, looking like kareem. the pretty sky hook. late fourth quarter. indiana puts the game out of reach. david west, count it! two of his 11. pacers take the 2-1 series lead. 82-71 the final. >>> in memphis, fans pumped up for game three between the thunder and grizzlies. kevin durant leading the way for okc. thunder, by one at the break. but memphis, po
] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] mac thornberry talked about defense issues. watch this today at 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> post 9/11 a lot more people cared about national security issues than was the case before. formeras a market for cia folks in national security all the guys you're used to operating in the shadows -- who were used to operating in the status of themselves as commentators and book writers. a somewhat uncomfortable interaction between the agencies and the usually former employees. at the time i felt that water boarding was something we needed to do. as time has passed and as a 9/11 has moved farther back into history, i think i have changed my mind. i think it is probably something we should not be in the business of doing that. >> like you say that? >> we are americans and we are better than that. a guy who meant well, who served his country well for 15 years in some very dangerous situations. he risked his life to take on al qaeda in in pakistan. prison,s going to leaving his young family behind. >> this weekend, scott shaina on this featur
. >> okay. i'm done here. >> glenn's assistant comes to his partner's defense. the bottom line is, you were willing to charge $750 for a 15-cent problem. >> he was not done checking. you guys sidelined him. that's the thing. >> it seemed like you were ready to put in a new fuel pump. >> i'm sorry, what? >> what's the lesson in all this? going online to find a mechanic may seem convenient, the old rules still apply. get a recommendation, know who you're dealing with before you make that call. coming up -- >> is this seat taken? >> yeah. >> a secret rendezvous at a casino. wait until you see what's in the cards. >> are you a hit man? >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> when "dateline" continues. all business purchases. so you can capture your receipts, and manage them online with jot, the latest app from ink. so you can spend less time doing paperwork. and more time doing paperwork. ink from chase. so you can. if you're suffering from constipation, miralax or metamucil may take days to work. for faster relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax provides gentle relief overnight
that we say we'll provide the offense, you provide the defense. we talk to them about hardening their structures in a defensive measure against wild land fires. a lot of it is public education, survivability, building standards, but predominately our focus is putting the onus on the land owner, putting the onus on the private property owner, we will attempt to protect your home but the days of staying and defending your home and killing our fire fighters are done. we will not stand and defend a house that has not been prepared by a land owner and die for it. we don't do that any more. that's one of our doctrinal changes and we set forth some new guidelines with that. >> thank you. >> question, mr. secretary. >> in a large scale disaster relief, where the military is called in to assist the civilian components there is an obvious issue of how you get the command and control and in particular what telecommunications is used to support that command and control. your exercising together is very critical, i think, to working out command and control but you still have an equipmen
know? >> it is not unusual as a trial lawyer, a criminal defense lawyer to be brought in. it is the only remedy the defendant has left in terms of trying to challenge his conviction. his best argument is that yale england galanter, his trial lawyer, became a material witness in this case. and didn't disclose that to the court. as a result of that, it affected his ability to represent mr. simpson or properly advise mr. simpson of his rights. one of which was the plea negotiation that was on the table, the two-year plea negotiation that was on the table that was never communicated to mr. simpson. secondarily, the right that he had to get up on the witness stand and testimony in his own defense. so the fact that he may have had a bias, the trial lawyer in this case, and was a material witness in the case because he was here at the time of the events. may be mr. simpson's best opportunity here. >> let me ask you about the fact that he could bring in the possible brain injuries as a result of playing football. how would they bring that in as a relevant element to this case and
on the president's defense of that remark. >> i saw the face of richard nixon. i saw the same anger, the same contorted expression and the same arrogance. everybody knows what obama said or didn't say, yet he is claiming that he said something that he didn't say. >> reporter: so, we're just beginning these investigative processes. we'll find out much more in the weeks and months to come. but there is no doubt that incalcuable damage has been done to the white house's ability to carry out its second term agenda. whether or not it is irrevocable remains to be seen, jenna. >> we'll see where it goes from here. thank you, doug. jon: on the benghazi attack there are new developments the heads of the independent panel that reviewed what is went wrong in libya say they want to go before congress. why they want to testify now. >>> iran suspected for years trying to build a nuclear weapon is heading a u.n. forum on disarmment. how did that happen and what is the united states going to do about it, coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] from the way the bristles move to the way they clean, once you try an o
questions from his own personal criminal defense attorney patricia palm. let's get some analysis. paul callan is joining us from new york. he's one of our legal analysts. also danny cevallos is joining us, a criminal defense attorney in philadelphia. paul, first to you. as you know, o.j. simpson is blaming his own lawyer for losing this case four years ago. and he's now spending 33 years in jail. he didn't testify then, so why is he testifying now? >> well, it's very interesting. the only time he actually had testified, it was a very minor case of road rage case in florida. that's where he met yale galanter, who is now his personal attorney and plays a major part in this case. he's saying that galanter basically was orchestrating his defense in the robbery case, told him not to take the witness stand, there are other allegations that galanter was making a lot of money and he didn't share enough of the money with the local las vegas council to give o.j. simpson a fair defense. and finally, o.j. is saying that galanter basically told him that because he was retrieving property, personal
in the market is that the defensive sectors and defensive stocks have had their greatest relative returns in the bull market ever. and so you look at the street, when that happens, it doesn't necessarily imply bad things for the market, but it does suggest a shift to some of the cyclical areas, which are quite attractive, are worth it. >> i guess the question is, why do you want to get exposure to some of those areas now, especially some of the industrials, when you have commodities underperforming, when you've got the china story that's still a concern? >> i want to sort of separate a trade versus an investment. a lot of the areas of energy, commodities, and industrial tied the to those areas, you're absolutely right. a huge overinvestment is not going away in the area and the stocks will be nothing more than trading vehicles. i'm really much more focused on some of the industrials tied to the housing, tied the to the consumer side of the equation, as well as some of the financials, which have lagged in the rally. >> chris, you agreed with larry, you say it's time to start trimming back
of the people on the defense team advised him to stay off the witness stand at his murder trial. and that was the right advice at that time. he has no shot at all, i think, at winning on the issue of his lawyer telling him to stay off the witness stand. that's just tactical advice. he has really good shot, if he can prove that he wasn't told about an offer of two years. >> but is that plausible? is that likely? >> yes, yes. and it happens. it happens all of the time. lawyers want their chance to be on television. in this case, he argues the lawyer may have had a conflict of interest. i have seen many cases, and they have been reversed, when the lawyer fails to communicate an offer. the third issue is, if the lawyer, in fact, gave him advice prior to his going into this room, saying this is what you can can do, this is what you can't do, he clearly had a conflict of interest. he was then a witness, not a lawyer. so on two of the three issues, he has some chance of prevailing. now, i think everybody out there ought to face one reality. if this were not o.j. simpson, and if all ame
today. he says his lawyers botched his defense in the 2008 gas armed robbery case that landed him a prison sentence of 9-33 years. he wants a new trial. the former nfl great did score a small victory during his second day in court. instead of being fully restrained the judge allowed simpson to have one hand free to take notes and to drink water. >> feeling lucky? there's a jumbo jackpot at steak the power ball lottery stands at $360 million. if no one hits tonight's drawing the jackpot could sore to a record $187.5 million. this is the third largest power ball jackpot in history. are you going to buy tickets? >> i am. >> disgraced anthony weiner is ready to announce his run for mayor of new york city. sources tell new york post after weeks he is going to make it official early this week. reports say he's already busy s. no doubt you probably remember that. wiener resigned from congress back in 2011 after sending out lewd pictures of himself all over twitter. >>> dancing with the stars narrowing the competition down to the final four couples. >> the couple with the lowest combined
: but the defense attorneys say shackling a detainee and snaking a tube to his stomach is inhumane. >> you don't get here before the tears just start streaming down your face. >> reporter: gitmo officials show the numbing gel they offer and the tubes are thin and lubricated. >> nobody expressed to me that this hurts. >> the clients say otherwise. >> he said he never felt such pain like that in his life. >> reporter: that is saying something when you consider that the client that she's talking about, he's been detained here now for 11 years. in fact, we have learned that the hunger strike is now jumped from 100 to 102. that is the large number in seven to eight years. some military officials say some of that has to do with peer pressure. they say some of the detainees don't want to eat in their cells or where other detainees might be able to see them but once they get to the clinic, they will drink the supplement. erin? >> chris lawrence, thank you very much. important to look at gitmo when you look at the future on the war on terror. >>> still to come, a special investigation "outfront." the company
and bacteria proliferate. ♪ protect your mouth, with fixodent. the adhesive helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. ...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. >>> a story in a toronto newspaper is sending shock waves through the canadian political circles and outside those circles as well the toronto star is claiming there is a city mayor ford smoking with crack dealers. it says two toronto star reporters have viewed the video three times. it appears to show ford in a room sitting in a chair wearing a white shirt, top buttons opened, inhaling from what appears to be a glass crack pipe. ford is enco incoherent, trading jiebs with an off camera speaker by raising topics including liberal leader justin trudeau and the don bosco high school football team ford coaches. the toronto daily star investigative editor and senior reporter kevin donovan is on the phone from toronto. kevin, this is really astounding. i watched you
with defense secretary panetta and martin dempsey. he says that he wanted them to deploy forces as soon as possible. the next time that he shows up is that hillary clinton says that she spoke to him at around 10:00 at that night after the attack at the consulate had ended. question, what did the president do the rest of that night to pursue benghazi? >> well, the president was kept up to date on this as it was happening throughout the entire night from the moment it started until the very end because this is critically -- this is a horrible tragedy. these are people that he sent abroad whose lives are at risk. people who work for him. i recognize there is a series of conspiracy theories republicans have been spinning about this since the night it happened. there has been an independent review of in. congress held hearings. we provided 250,000 pages of the documents up there. 11 hearings. 20 staff briefings and everyone has found the same thing. this is a tragedy. the question is not what happened that night. the question is what are we going to do to move forward and ensure that this do
you anything i didn't tell the secretary of defense, i would hope again, it is admiral to want to be perfectly fair and treat every employ the same way. but i think where we can, particularly if there's an issue of safety and maintenance of assets here, that some discrimination might be appropriate in making sure. so i know you'll continue to work to try to minimize those furlough days. i know this committee didn't like sequestration anymore than you did. i think most of this committee would hope we can arrive at some larger deal, and i suspect that people on both sides of the aisle around this are the kind of people who tend to vote for things like that to make them happen. but again, we have given you a tough task. please give it a lot of care and attention because i don't want airplanes that don't fly, let alone airplanes that come down with crews in them. and we want to give maintain those assets with the kind of work it takes to do it. so thank you very much. thank you, mr. chairman. you have been very generous. >> thank you, mr. cole. before i yield to mr. owens, i was ju
in the blanks, a defense and former prous court from new york. and tanya aker. both of you welcome. tonya, let's start with you. the crux of this o.j. simpson is blaming his lawyer for the conviction. yale -- >> it's certainly that, brooke. let's back up to what o.j. said that galanter said. >> he said he was within his light rights to recover his property as long as there was no trespass, no physical force. so even assuming that galanter gave him this advice, o.j. didn't follow up. you can get a new trial if you make a claim -- if your counsel, if you did get ineffective asis tense from counsel and you've got to show prej. i don't see prej here. even if galanter gave him the advice, he went pa far beyond the bounds. >> randy, it was also said here as we move forward this time we'll actually hear him testify. we didn't hear from him testifying in the criminal trial. do you imagine he will be persuasive. >> there is no question that in order to meet -- it's a two. prong standard. the police came out with it in 1964. one mr. simpson has to show that his lawyers, the work that he did, the standar
initiative and ways the countries there can collaborate, one of the last assignments i had at the defense department was in the area of humanity assistance and disaster relief. and we work very closely with countries in southeast asia particularly on ways to collaborate, using the military, having military effort because they usually have the greater resources to handle a crisis. and it was rather ironic because it was right after both secretary colin powell and condoleezza rice had decided that all these meetings in southeast asia was kind of a waste of time, song and dance session, they have some derogatory comments. that was not well received in southeast asia. and people said the u.s. has turned its back on asia. within a year or so that changed, and then last years of the bush administration they started to attend these meetings, and it didn't take long before at a dinner, happened to sit at the table with the head of the chinese delegation, and he said, oh, the asean region form is nothing but a testament out of american foreign policy. we have gone from totally neglecting asia to s
defense? >> well, it's interesting. first i think you meant so say -- >> i i beg your pardon. i apologize. it's yale gallanter. >> you need a score card for this. i'll use a simple analogy. like tag team wrestling. yale was o.j.'s long time ally and lawyer and he hired gabe to be his man on the ground in las vegas and there was simpson. grasso testifying now. he is testifying for simpson. gallantra will come up later and be with a prosecution witness and at the heart of this these accusations that yale messed up o.j.'s case. gallantra is at the center of this. two star witnesses are o.j. and gallantre. >> i know gabe grasso as well. he is expected to continue to take the stand today. those two were friends as well. have we seen them together anywhere around that courthouse? have they spoken or had had eye contact? >> you are saying grasso and gallantre. i think they had a fouling out. grasso thought o.j. should testify and brought up the deal about the plea deal and at play here is a suggestion that gallanter may have known beforehand that o.j. was planning this confrontation to get the m
called kids in need of defense. >> let me ask but that. you talk about when children get caught up in the immigration court system. and you write, while we provide counsel for free to accused murderer, we don't do that to the children who might be here in an undocumented way. >> on your last question, most people understand that most of these children are not coming of their own volition. they're not breaking a law of their own volition. in many cases they are being brought by a parent. when these children, and the number adults being apprehended at the border is at a 40-year low. last year the number of children coming alone to the united states without a parent and unlawfully doubled. it is expected to nearly double again this year. when those kids are apprehended at the border, they're put in detention. and there are more than 50 detention centers across 12 states just for children coming into the united states alone. and they're often bonded out or released to a parent or someone else. and they're ordered to go to immigration court. when they go to court, they're not entitled t
's last hooray. >>> president obama meeting with defense secretary chuck hagel and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. we will be joined by air force veteran jennifer norris, a sexual assault survivor who appeared at a news conference today with lawmakers to announce legislation to reform the military justice system. >>> and olympic gold medalist cullen jones will join us live. he is trying to save lives one child at a time by teaching children, especially minority children, to swim. cullen will join us to talk about his mission. >>> but first, new information on the boston bombing case. sources tell nbc news that the younger brother dzhokhar tsarnaev scribbled a note confessing where he was hiding before authorities closed in on him. on a wall he reportedly wrote that his actions were in retaliation for u.s. wars in iraq and afghanistan. he also wrote the boston marathon victims were, quote, collateral damage. and that he does not mourn his older brother who was killed in a shoot-out with police because he is considered a martyr. ny sis does your dog food have? 30? 20? n
to the defense that mr. miller put forward in the hearing room today. >> as commissioner, i want to apologize on behalf of the internal revenue service for the mistakes that we made and the poor service i provided. i think what happened here was that foolish mistakes were made by people trying to be more efficient in their workload selection. the listing described in the report while intolerable, was a mistake and not an act of partisanship. >> so there mr. miller claims it was not an act of partisanship. a lot of folks on the republican side disagree that statement saying why the heck were some of these liberal groups not held up the same as the conservative groups were. miller stepped back. he was it through a lot of this, not taking any decisive action. it looked like hey, i'm only here three more weeks. i'm the fall guy. to what point do i really to have put myself out there? what is more disconcerting to folks here, they feel this is sort of a lack of institutional control within the irs. these things were going on. congress was misled. that upsets folks. when they ask questions, they wa
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defense secretary is against. where does the president stand on the idea of having military prosecutors be the place that women or men go when there's a -- when they have a sexual assault charge? >> well, there's no question that this is absolutely inexcusable conduct. the president spoken and convened the secretary of defense in the white house on thursday to express this has to be resolved. we're going to look for a way. >> they have been told that for years. >> and the lack of response and action here is completely unacceptable secretary of defense knows that. joint chiefs know that. the president's communicated. so what we have to do is find a way to address this in a better fashion that's been done, the president instructed the secretary of defense to do that. >> does the president support the idea or think it's feasible to take this issue out of the chain of command so a woman or a man who has a sexual assault charge doesn't have to go to their unit commander to report this? >> well, there's an array of -- a change like that something has to be done legislatively. it's a change to
efforts to find a political and diplomatic solution. now, on missile defense you asked me whether the change of the so-called phased adapt cannive approach -- adaptive approach could also facilitate closer cooperation with russia on missile defense. and that's an important question. my answer would be, yes, i think it should. because the russian concerns so far have primarily been related to the fourth phase. and now phase four as actually been abolished. and so if there is a political will in moscow to actually cooperate, i think that could pave the way for an agreement as to how nato and russia could cooperate on missile defense. let me stress, having said that, the fact that phase four, the fourth and final phase has been abolished does not change that the whole of the population in european nato nations will be covered by the nato missile defense system because the first three phases will be imelemented as planned, and that will -- implemented as planned, and that will cover all populations in european nato nations. i was asked when will the occupation of an end. ko
itself but if you talk to the dod, defenses thousand here and the administered difference in south korea they're working is very carefully. have a solid plan. there are ways that will make sure we reserve the best of what we had and go forward. if there was another couple months like we've had for the last two months for fundamental change on the security dependence, that may cause us to we shift our timing. but as of right now i think korea is remarkably capable in moving forward and wants to move forward if you talk to them and you talk to the ministry of defense at that point. the final point of mention is on the question of this broader northeast asia proposal and i couldn't agree with mr. nam more. it's an interesting idea to a potential but it's clearly where the u.s. would like to go in terms of regional stuff but as of now, the slogan in search of substance. it's not there yet. i would just take an opportunity to throw a reference to my earlier remarks, it is also a proposal that is impossible to create korea-japan relationships. you cannot have a meaningful northeast asian proac
take you three or four years before you have to make the changes, but there is no defense to making the changes. even if it is a historical building. that is not a defense. when i get involved, it is because 90% of the time, the tenant is the only one who gets the notice, though the notice is addressed both to the tenant and landlord. next thing you see, you are handed a piece of paper by some stranger, and it is a lawsuit. then you need to find a lawyer. probably 90% of these cases are in federal court. it becomes much more costly to get a lawyer involved. most lawyers charged somewhere between $5,000 or $10,000 to get involved in some of these cases. you need to file a formal answer in the court. you will be in a mediation process, which means you will meet with people appointed by the court to try to resolve this issue. the revolution is just what i said. it is major repairs if they are appropriate, and not all repairs are in demand. and, to settle the damaged portion of the case. in my experience, the damages claimed usually run somewhere between $15,000 or $5,000, and attorneys
are the only defensive line on the border. they need support from the army. we fight shoulder to shoulder to security -- we are destroying the enemy's bases and we have meetings to tell the people to send their children to school. back in the mountains, troops searched houses in a remote village, taking down taliban flags. he says the army now controls these mountains. but this majorwhen they go back to base, thae taliban will return. the people are caught where no one has been to school and there is no healthcare. the new police checkpoints do not reach this far into the mountains. this army can celebrate more victories on the battlefield than it could before. but it faces formidable challenges, the border in pakistan but also kabul and the failure of the central government to provide basic services. >> after 30 years of war we need everything, clinics, schools, and roads. but we will have nothing without security. challenges they go out again to fight is to hold the ground they take. on this, the front line for afghanistan and for the international exit strategy. a close look at how ha
and the region is expected to become a larger market than europe for maritime defense equipment. >>> the u.s. and iran are putting their diplomatic differences aside to fight for a common cause. they're fighting to keep wrels wrestling in the olympics. the international olympic committee is considering dropping the sport starting in 2020. members of the american, iranian and russian wrestling teams spoke in new york. athletes were invited to join an international event. it's part of the campaign that was launched after the ioc's announcement. >> russia, the united states and iran make up -- are the three bestrestng nions in t world. there's a lot of commonalties around that. and our friendship goes pretty deep through wrestling. certainly, i think all of us believe that that sport is the foundation for good things to happen. >> an iranian national coach says wrestling is woven into culture and history and has been part of the modern olympics for more than 100 years. wrestlers from u.s. and iran will compete in an exhibition match on wednesday at new york's grand central station. >>> we're
turn our attention to singapore where defense equipment makers have turned out in record numbers at an international maritime exhibition. naval and maritime officers are browsing the products. they're showing off their latest technologyings including radar equipment and unmanned helicopters. ships are also on display at a nearby port. the uss freedom is among them. the u.s. navy's first combat ship that can operate close to shore. military commanders deployed the vessel last month near singapore, part of the obama administration's strategy to increase its military presence in the asia pacific region. indonesia is trying to build up their naval power. china has been intensifying its maritime activities in the region. analysts with the a private research agency says these nations will acquire about 1,000 new vessels over the next twenty years and the region is expected to become a larger market than europe for maritime defense equipment. >>> the u.s. and iran are putting their diplomatic differences aside to fight for a common cause. they're fighting to keep wrels wrestling in the
weapon. we are not showing his face because he is a minor. defense attorneys want him released from custody based on his cooperation with investigators. officials released the step mother's 9-1-1 call. she was not home but called police after the 12-year-old called her to report an intruder in the house. she did not know that leila fowler had been killed. we posted the call on-line. >> a school district will pay $2.8 million for a former thou was sexually abused telling her story to use when she filed a lawsuit last year. she was abused in the 1990's while attending a middle school. at one point, the district seemed to suggest she was to blame for what happened but later apologized. the settlement will be paid by an insurance company. >> attorney general holder faces a grilling when he heads to capitol hill. members of the house of representatives judiciary committee will ask tough questions about the targeting of conservative groups by the i.r.s. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has more. >> attorney general will be in the hotseat and face the house of representatives judiciary co
to research ballistic missiles and defense lasers. the fire was not hazardous and was contained to mostly office space. >> parents and neighbors of a san jose school demand safety improvements on a street they have long deemed dangerous. a little girl was walking and was hit and killed by a vehicle. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is at parkside elementary school. >> it has been a tough morning for parents and teachers at park view elementary a day after a five-year-old girl was struck and killed here on bluefield drive while walking home with her relatives. people have been bringing flowers to the spot of the accident and police begin the investigation. >> extra crossing guards are on duty and there are signs to urge the drivers to slow. a memorial is growing across the street for the five-year-old preschooler, oscar aileen quiro, struck by a car struck by a car. >> it could have been anyone's child. >> today, this mother drove the kids to school. >> there will be fundraising to help the people, you never know what hardship a family may have. as a parent would has experienced the loss
are going up now. especially the defensive sector has been very strong, financials have been extremely strong recently, and with yesterday's run in google, you saw a little bit of a move there, but technology is still a little bit weak, not really participating. you are getting a big push from the defensive stocks, and you are getting a big push from the financials. - cisco's earnings came out after the close. will that give a push to the market today? - you know, cisco always under- reports and over-delivers. the stock was trading up after yesterday's close about 5%, so i think it could go up a little bit, but really if you look at cisco in general, it is only up 1.5% for the entire year. so, i don't really think that, although it's good news, i don't think it is going to have much effect or push this market much higher. - and you mentioned google, which is now in uncharted territories. is there any reason to buy this stock at these levels? - absolutely not. i think that in the overall market, if you're an investor, you're better off observing the market and waiting for a better oppor
. news now the german defense minister has made an interim assessments of reforms describing the changes in the german armed forces as a major transformation. >> he also defended the government's decision to abandon a reconnaissance drone project, saying the costs were too high. >> reforms include the end of mandatory service and the creation of a smaller, a professional force for quick, international deployments. >> the bundeswehr is going to the most radical overhaul in its history. the reforms are aimed at creating a smaller, more versatile army. the changes are necessary to respond to new challenges. >> the restructuring will enable us to fulfill our international military and security obligations. it is a clear signal to our partners and allies, and they appreciate this. >> but opposition parties accuse the government of being out of step. they say morale among germany's soldiers is low and that the reforms have failed to rein in spending. >> we are against these endless promises. 0.3 billion euros were supposed to be saved, but they were just spent on the slide. the public sees thi
late next month so defense attorneys could review more evidence. >>> some resolution came today in a decade old scandal, williams airs pleased no contest to eight felony counts with the molestation of boys in his care. >> a previous case against him ended in a mistrial. >> he's likely to serve several years behind bars due to the sentenced august 6th. >>> some nurses and doctors at mar in general hospital say a new general hospital system is putting patients in care. >> last week they eliminated handwritten doctor's orders. >> after the new system was implemented, a number of patients received the wrong medication. >> there was a card idea med that had the wrong dosing on it, and it had an adverse effect on a person's heart rate. >> nurses are crying. doctors are crying. >> the staff did not get enough training. >> the ceo contends the hospital is safer now than before. >>> the hospitals include berkeley, and oakland. >> at the same time. the california nurse's association has called off a strike at siders san leand row hospital. >> they have designed a agreement and to make it
nottingham with the lawmakers who have made the white house now on the defensive. >> reporter: the ousted acting commissioner of the irs told congress politics did not motivate the tax agents who targeted tea party groups for extra scrutiny. >> i think what happened here was that foolish mistakes were made by people trying to be more efficient in their workload selection. the listing described in the report while intolerable was a mistake and not an act of partisanship. >> reporter: lawmakers on the house ways and means committee came down hard on steven miller saying his agency failed the american people and that managers failed to come clean to congress. >> this is wrong to abuse the tax system. this screams out for tax reform, does it not? >> i think it's an area ripe for redefinition and reform, yes, sir. >> reporter: the treasury inspector-general also testified. he confirmed his findings that the irs singled out conservative groups for unfair treatment. >> the irs views inappropriate criteria to target for review tea party and other organizations based on their name and policy posit
long ago. we have not violated any international treaties, and these are primarily defensive systems. >> for now, it appears to rush it is sticking by assad, an alliance that could further frustrate diplomatic efforts to end the fighting in syria. >> syria was also on the agenda in israel on thursday when the german foreign minister met with the israeli prime minister. >> one of the big concerns in israel is that the syrian conflict could spill over its borders. >> he also mention support for reviving the middle east peace process. >> the german foreign minister started off his late visit -- his latest visit to israel with words of friendship. in a news conference with israel's prime minister, he urged israel and the palestinians to restart peace talks. >> germany fully supports the latest initiative by our u.s. partners for direct talks. we believe that the middle east peace process and the work on the two-state solutions should be revised now. >> the situation in neighboring syria was also on the agenda. israel has boosted its troop presence along the border. it also reportedly bom
of the school, but the school was not in danger because dry brush was cleared to create a defensible space there. >>> and sky heavy hd was above park boulevard and eerie boulevard to clear a huge tree that had fallen. this was right in the middle of rush hour. traffic was stopped as the tree was cut into manageable pieces and hauled away. no injuries were reported. >>> tens of thousands of trees are on the chopping block in the east bay, but they have one final chance to speak out about the project that will eliminate about 80,000 trees from the east bay hills. alan wang has this story. >> reporter: in one year this young eucalyptus tree can grow four to six feet. they have taken over the east bay hills and now uc berkeley, oakland and the east bay regional park have a plan to remove about 80,000 nonnative trees. >> the you eucalyptus can -- the eucalyptus has a compound in their leaves and their bark is known as candle bark because it ignites. >> oakland and the east bay regional parks want to thin out the trees. >> the fire risk program removes the under story. that to us is ideal. >> but uc b
was not in danger because dry brush was cleared to create a defensible space there. >>> and sky heavy hd was above park boulevard and eerie boulevard to clear a huge tree that had fallen. this was right in the middle of rush hour. traffic was stopped as the tree was cut into manageable pieces and hauled away. no injuries were reported. >>> tens of thousands of trees are on the chopping block in the east bay, but they have one final chance to speak out about the project that will eliminate about 80,000 trees from the east bay hills. alan wang has this story. >> reporter: in one year this young eucalyptus tree can grow four to six feet. they have taken over the east bay hills and now uc berkeley, oakland and the east bay regional park have a plan to remove about 80,000 nonnative trees. >> the you eucalyptus can -- the eucalyptus has a compound in their leaves and their bark is known as candle bark because it ignites. >> oakland and the east bay regional parks want to thin out the trees. >> the fire risk program removes the under story. that to us is ideal. >> but uc berkeley wants to remove most of
come from north korea's eastern coast. h's defense ministry said they would remain on alert. tension spiked earlier this year after pyongyang threatened the u.s. and south korea in response to joint military drills and new un sanctions. the international community is still struggling to find a solution to the crisis in syria. un chief bank he moon and russia have agreed that a peace conference on syria should be held soon, but russia insists it will only participate if you ran is also it invited. -- if iran is also invited. a spokesman for vladimir putin said that russia will continue to honor contracts to supply serious with weapons. >> schelling in homes and blasts in damascus. it is the latest amateur footage to emerge from the bloody civil war. the international community is in agreement that the situation cannot go on. but there is no agreement on how to stop it. russia is facing sharp criticism from other countries to continue -- for continuing to supply weapons to syria. moscow has delivered new high- tech antiship missiles and is planning to send antiaircraft missiles, a fact
nothing. after one crisis after another. the only defense is ignorance, i was out of the loop. that alone raises questions on so many different scandals that the best defense you have is that you didn't know what was going on. i think that falls into this idea of competence in the white house and competence in our leadership. that will get to be an exacting problem. >>> and i do think charlie impedes the president's agenda. but a speed bump, to your point, steven miller would tell you, poor planning. it was non-part son and we will try to be more efficient. >> why is everybody scared to death about the fact that this scandal with the irs. we are at the mercy of this police force. it has greater and greater power. we got a whole new tax bracket. it's got to police the health program. >> do you think the tax exempt groups, i know they are right wing but you think they should be tax exempt. they are focusing on one type. those groups are political action committees. >> hold on a second. >> either the argument is -- a group. >> i agree. [ talking over each other ] >> let's be honest before we
it as a defense of the airlines came in. young attractive women and put them in costumes because airmail business travelers like flying skyward with love. the court said that's not the essence of the job and we need the same kind of effort to level the playing field with respect to other forms of appearance related discrimination. >> host: you also read about the beauty business. what role does it play in much of carl the beauty bias? >> guest: there's a huge financial stake in making them think that a product will be the answer for them. the result is quite a number of products with unsubstantiated and oftentimes ludicrous claim appeared in a police seaweed will reverse the aging process and various mineral creams that will melt the pounds away. but then an entire fashion and women's magazine industry on attract events with well sculpted ato component, et cetera that very few women can conform to and given the pervasiveness of imagery and our culture were really perpetuating quite unrealistic standards of appearance and comes at a cost of self-esteem and stigma for many women. postcode significa
of the main two pillars of sequester, defense, discretionary cuts, the same for democrats, should be left intact unless they are both dealt with together. ,t is really hard to envision the way things have been going, any comprehensive solution to anything these days. if everybody feels the way that the congressman does, you have got to think they will find a way once the pain gets so bad that they cannot politically sustain it. >> what do you suspect they might hear from the pentagon on the republican side. them to come together. >> it is unclear. ,ertainly, as you mentioned 600,000 for lowe's. i guess it have to be something like, this is going to affect national security or we are going to have to close down schools, bases in your district. once that pain comes home and the congressman can no longer defend themselves to their constituents over the sequester, especially if they voted for it, that is when we will reach that boiling point. >> on immigration, what did you hear from the congressman? >> it is not going to be easy. bringing theorsed senate bill over rather than any house rodda
to someone who is on the defense? >> that is why i am smiling from ear to ear. is this what you would say? of course. you come up with a strategy to go on the offensive even though you are on the defensive. clearly, the word of the day, originally, he was reading the statement about the associated press. we also have a term in the criminal law field. you admit what you can't deny it and you have to admit what you cannot deny. they cannot deny it. things that they know. things that are obvious to them. they cannot admit we knew about the irs. they cannot admit we we lied about benghazi. that would mean suicide. this is a tremendous problem. you can survive benghazi. you can survive the irs. you can survive the ap. when i have a criminal defendant who is originally charged with robbery he is clearly taking the let's wait and see. it is a huge problem. this could be the end of eric holder. it is that big of a deal. it could be the time where the president called him and it says you have done a great job for me. thanks. melissa: through it all the market actually rose. let's pivot back to the
defense news. a nonprofit that's helping military kids after school, part of our ongoing military appreciation month series. first a look at the new plan to better integrate the u.s. air force and guard and reserve components. historically they have operated nearly seamlessly but that changed a year ago when the air force unveil add plan to reshape the force and cut billion in this spending, including cutting hundreds of positions. lawmakers rallied to defend their state units and freeze the air force plan for months. in the end the service backed down with 3300 active airmen to be cut with only 500 reservists. they created the total force task force, led by three major generals from each of the components. joining us now are the generals involved, john poisoner and mark barkman, and brian meanen. welcome to the program. >> thank you. >> many have said that the relations among the three really hit rock bottom after that announcement was made. general, you're an ohio guardsman and were involved at the time. how bad was it? >> i don't think there's a way that you can say it was bad
in town tomorrow night. >>> elsewhere reds at phillies, bottom 2 , great defensive play, from the high corner having a diving stop and he's out at first. philly wins 3-2. >>> in pittsburgh pirates catcher mike mchenry signing an autograph for a young fan at home plate. a long run and he makes the shoestring catch. pirates 1 -0. >>> women's lacrosse, the salisbury team avenge their 2012 loss in a championship game division three for ncaa. they won the 2013 third team today over connecticut on this given sunday, a hard day's night for elana petanna scores four games in women's lacrosse. >>> got some nba playoffs? we've got it, western conference finals, quincy poindexter. too little too late for the grizzlies in game one of the best of seven series because san antonio so full of vitality on the defensive boards, plenty of gas in their running game and the hot hand of tony parker, 20 points, nine assists as the spurs take care of business 105-83. that's sports. see you at 11:00. >> thanks so much. >>> be sure to tune into cbs tonight at 9:00 for superstars immediately followed by wjz eyew
that's a pretty accurate one. >> former secretary of defense leon panetta oversaw the campaigns against al qaeda in pakistan's tribal areas known as the fatah. >> i honestly believe that we are safer since 9/11. largely because of what we've been able to do going after their core leadership in the fattah. when i first came into government, there were four key people that were largely running al qaeda. today three of them are dead and one is in deep hiding. not to mention a number of other members of what we were often called the top 20 leadership. many of them have been, have been hit, as well. >> former cia analyst cindy who spent a career tracking terror said despite the virtual decapitation of al qaeda's leadership, don't count the group out. >> i get a little nervous when people say it's over, we don't have to worry about that any more because al qaeda always has several tracks going at the same time. my experience was whenever you declare them dead, they prove you wrong. so, i don't want to say they're not hurt. they're not in trouble. but it's too early to let our guard down. >> p
ways it is with those tanks rolling in to the defense on the regime they didn't particular want to defend. it led to the soviet invasion in the first place. >> guest: that oanu part of the story. when the british intervened in the 19th century they intervened several times in afghanistan. and you never really quite want to go into afghanistan. you always get kind of drawn in the secure will buy the politics of the play and that sort of happened to the british and in many respects that is what happened to us in 2001. i don't think anybody was keen. it was something we had to do and once we were there we couldn't leave. horse kutz the key part of. the was across the political spectrum that the u.s. was going to do something in retaliation for the attack that we had. last a dozen years later and that's the part about getting sucked into the dysfunctional politics on the ground. >> guest: it was just how different it was from how we faced today. many things are radically different. there are no radical leftist or secular parties in afghanistan today. that has all been pretty much wi
by former defense secretary donald rumsfeld, and former u.s. navy seal joins us, candidate scott brown senate's seat there in massachusetts, a great night to be with us. up next, more of this great night, obama scandals dividing washington into distinct groups in the "chalk talk," separating the truth seekers from the dodgers. a new report says obamacare makes premiums skyrocket to astounding levels, but we can't root against it. i was told that. i'll just get you the facts here next. uestion: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ theuestion is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ toare you still sleeping?rs. just wanted check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. ans
in tomorrow night, joined by former defense secretary donald rumsfeld, and former u.s. navy seal joins us, candidate scott brown senate's seat there in masshusetts, a great night to be with us. up next, more of this great night, obama scandals dividing washington into distinct groups in the "chalk talk," separating the truth seekers from the dodgers. a new rept says obamacare makes premiums skyrocket to astounding levels, but we can't root against it. i was told that. i'll just get you the facts here thank you orville and wilbur.. ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create theuture... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is lking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to t finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. never really thought i would make
in front it is where research is done on ballistic missile defense systems and airborne lasers. that prompted firefighters to approach the building with a lot of caution and they realized there was nothing dangerous or hazardous inside but mostly office space. this is a huge complex and lockheed martin is the largest aerospace contractors and 100 acres surrounded by a lot of barbed wire. we home to speak with someone from lockheed martin in an hour. >> we following developing news from san jose where police are investigating claims a street in front of a school could be a speeding hot speed after a six-year old was hit and killed by an s.u.v., and abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at the growing memorial. >> the community is letting the family know that it has support. look what they have left: flowers, candles, and teddy bears this memory of the little girl. the six-year-old aileen quiroz was killed while walking him from school yesterday afternoon. she and her aunt and her 2-year-old sister were hit by a car on blue field drive. police have not said if the driver was speed
of defense. we're going to communicate this again to folks up and down the chain in areas of authority, and i expect consequences. so, i don't want just more speeches or, you know, awareness programs or training, but ultimately, folks look the other way. if we find out somebody's engaging in this stuff, they got to be held accountable, prosecuted, stripped of their positions. court marshal, fired. dishonorably discharged, period. it's not acceptable. >> that was how president obama reacted last week when it became known that the man that the air force had put in charge of combatting sexual assault had, himself, been arrested on charges of sexual assault. that was last week. now it has happened again. this time it's the army, where a sergeant first class who was in charge of combatting and responding to sexual assault cases in ft. hood in texas is, himself, now under investigation for sexual assault and other charges. defense sources telling nbc news that the investigation is into allegations that the sergeant forced one female subordinate into prostitution and that he sexually assaulted two o
for the first time it switches where the burden of proof is now on the defense. jodi arias needs to say there is some sort of mitigation. she has given the jury eight factors. we put it up there for you there. she was only 27 years old at the time this crime occurred. she had no prior criminal record. she had no family support. she alleged that she was abused. she was a talented artist. she consistently tried to improve herself. she made the best of her situationscircumstances and she's a god a good friend. >> is the jury going to care if she's a good friend? she murdered someone. >> if you're giving mitigating circumstances, have eight that aren't hilarious. the middle one i'm waiting for. >> she consistently tried to improve herself. >> she loves puppies she loves laughing and walks on the beach. no prior criminal record, age 27, no family support. i get. but by that second screen on the graphic was a free for all. >> and he did say that much more polite yeah, she's a good friend. >>> but she's a horrible girlfriend, and she has improved herself? how hard is it to go up from killing s
detainees in guantanamo bay. defense lawyers say it is inhumane. >>> giant waves of ice 30 feet high in some places pushing ashore and crushing lake front homes. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." ♪ >>> we begin over at the white house where the political prospects for president obama's second term changed dramatically in the course of only a week. we've seen a crush of developments involving three major controversies, a forced resignation, and new allegations of coverups. can the president recover. what does he need to do? let's go to the white house, our white house correspondent dan lothian is standing by. what's the strategy as far as damage control is concerned? >> reporter: wolf, the president wants to sort of put this behind him and turn the focus on his second term agenda. he promised and very much wants to deliver on immigration reform. the economy is a major concern, yes, unemployment is going down, but the president still wants to go out there, hit the road, focus on creating jobs for the mi
got defensive over the criticisms of his administration on those benghazi attacks and what happened in the hours and days after the attack. the president was defiant at times and even called the republican-led investigation into his administration a political circus. a defiant president today responding after a weekend of criticism from republicans over his administration's handling of benghazi. >> the whole issue of talking points, frankly, throughout this process has been a sideshow. >> reporter: he was dismissive of republican critiques of how the white house, state department and cia edited talking points noting congress looked at key white house e-mails months ago. >> they reviewed them several months ago, concluded that, in fact, there was nothing afoul in terms of the process we had used and suddenly three days ago this gets spun up as if there is something new to the story. there's no there there. >> reporter: the president mocked the cover-up charge noting that a few days after u.s. ambassador susan rice went on the sunday talk shows and placed the blame on the attack prima
been very defensive. defensive markets don't necessarily correct that much. really what i think they're starting to see now in the equity market is quite a rotation into more real economy issues as people become much more confident about their next 12 months in the u.s. i suspect that we'll continue to make new highs and that will grind higher as people capitulate into much more riskier parts of the economy. >> shawn, i was speaking earlier today about andrew simon of jpmorgan. he mentioned that he thinks that the dividend stock trade has gotten very crowded as investors have poured money into that particular category of the market. do you agree with that? >> well, i do. unfortunately, the evidence that we see from the fixed income market is that that trend can go on for a lot longer. last week, for example, we saw a very, very -- over 7 billion going into fixed income and credit into the u.s. which is a 2 1/2 year high. i do agree with the statement but the trend is likely still to be into that area until late start to move up. i think the your all total really for the u.s. certain
and defensive. "washington post" gave him four on benghazi but they have been lying so long. they are still comfortable doing it. and they are not used to fact checking them. they said, management, basically said the president sets the tone. management is more than just giving the speeches and setting tone but the president sets the tone, that is it. if they are going to act this way, i had no idea. yesterday, ryer, bad manager. liar, we don't know yet. >> greg: is the credibility gap the snake river canyon. >> bob: snake river canyon? this is difficult day for me. as you can probably imagine. let me start by saying this. good news for the obama administration is holder had recused himself from this investigation because the f.b.i. was actively investigating the leaks of information about a very sensitive investigation about american airline. other the thing the patriot act they are allowed to do these things. if they exhausted every possibility. so whether we like it or not, that is the law. they can do that. they ought to change the law. the other thing when it comes to the investigation
misconduct in the military. today, defense secretary chuck hagel ordered everyone who is assigned to prevent sexual abuse to be retrained. one of them, an army sergeant at fort hood, texas is the latest one facing allegations, and here's anna werner. >> reporter: there are nearly 8,000 women stationed at fort hood, the army's criminal investigation is centered on a sergeant who was a sexual assault prevention and response coordinator there. we learned the sergeant allegedly had a relationship with a subordinate female soldier that involved prostitution. he allegedly approached two other female soldiers to do the same but they refuse. one of the women said he assaulted her. he has been suspended from all duties and could be charged this week. last week, police arrested another man, air force lieutenant colonel jeffrey krusinski for allegedly groping a woman in a parking lot. he was in charge of the air force's sexual assault defense unit. defense secretary chuck hagel had this to say. >> sexual assault is a despicable crime and one of the most serious challenges facing this department. it is
in the united states as it would relate to defense support to civil authorities. i think that's primarily -- this is not a primary mission for us. it's something that we do pay attention to, of course, as we deploy overseas. not necessarily forces we have here in the states. we do understand immediate response, rolling out the gate to help our neighbors in an immediate nature, but i think not so much in terms of mobilization and deploying inside our country. so, this is an area where opportunities like san francisco fleet week will allow us for, and i believe at some point really incorporate this in some internal doctrine that will benefit us in the event that this is a requirement inside the u.s. >> thank you. this morning secretary schultz asked one of the panels that was involved in communications and command and control about in this age of information, real-time information, how you're hit with a sea of information and how do you deal with that. something as senior leaders all of you have dealt with. and i believe admiral zukunft used the term dealing with reality tv. so, until you g
defense, government agencies and a lot of programs that will impact low-income families in particular. it's the cities that will bear the brunt of the cuts and few big cities will be harder hit than baltimore, maryland. >> all of the things that are put in place to hold up the families are, you know, slowly one by one being pulled out. >> reporter: this is baltimore mayor stephanie rollins blake. >> every time we talk about a cut you're talking about many people who don't have an expensive lobby that is in washington, d.c. baltimore is by no means the poorest in the u.s. bill mccarthy is the executive director of catholic charities in maryland. >> if you think about the city of baltimore, 20% of our city lives in poverty. one of every four children in our city lives in poverty. we have an unemployment rate of about 11%. and if you go to segments of our city like west baltimore the unemployment rate is 60%. >> reporter: there are a number of churches trying to help the poor in maryland, but by far the largest aid organization is catholic charities with over 2,000 employees and 15,000 volun
the sold defensive names. consumer staple companies like procter & gamble, utility companies. and what it suggests to me is investors are coming back into the market. but they're doing it in a very tentative way, dipping their toe in the water and finding the companies and stocks that feel safest. >> one thing about this rally is that everybody questions it. i mean, every time you turn around, someone is saying well, the sell-off is around the corner and the sell-off is happening. michael, what about that? it's such an unloved rally. and technical strategists will say that's a contrary indicator because everybody is questioning it, they think the market keeps going higher. so how do you characterize the earnings season that is almost done and the fundamentals that are driving this market? >> well, it has been, as you mentioned, an unloved market. but, you know, earnings have actually been up fairly good so far. the numbers in terms of the current numbers have been pretty reasonable. what has really been telling, i think, is future earnings guidance has actually been pretty conservative
of benghazi and we have huge gaps. i think it is instructive that the defense changed from one of nefarrous intent to one of gross incompetence. and the other thing that is instruct and i have informative. yes, we misled you and lied to you but not the reasons you think. if that is your defense yes, we lied but not for the reasons you think. you have problems in the administration. i want to know everything that understand in benghazi and why the security was not in place. and i want to know whether there were assets on the way to benghazi when the siege ended. and i want to know who told susanne rice to go on the five sunday morning talk shows because secretary of state clinton should have been the one to do that. >> there was no mention of the youtube video. we don't know who was responsible for cooking up the idea and why it was used. >> no, we don't. there is no one left in the western hemisphere that thinks that the video had going to do with the attack in benghazi. keep that in mind. it was not only susanne rice. jay carney spokes person for the lead world said he had concrete evidenc
that as a defense that someone told me to do it. but, hey, you c't blame him for trying, right? >> but what about yale galanter and you? i know you had a relationship with him. did he ever suggest to you at any time that it was okay to go into that hotel room and get back what o.j. thought was his? >> i didn't have that kind of relationship with him. you know, it's kind of convoluted, but if there was somebody claiming to be his agent who was in that room, it was kind of a crazy guy. and yale told me that he wasn't his agent. that's about it. i really didn't know yale that much before the incident. and i wasn't there, you know, when if in fact he did tell him it was okay. but i can't imagine him telling him it would be okay to go up in my room with guns and everything else. even if someone did say it was okay, i can't imagine that was a defense. >> and what about the second prong of what mr. simpson is now alleging in this courtroom? we're looking at the pictures live as we're speaking to you, tom. he says that he wasn't told about any kind of plea deal. there were a lot of you this that room. th
spoken. >> i think the defense worked very hard. we had a chance to put out our issues and a jury has spoken. and we respect that verdict and, you know, it was a lot of hard work on both sides. >> shepard: the hard work is not over. dr. gosnell's clins crimes carry either life in prison or death. the jury is to start considering his punishment one week from tomorrow. shannon bream is live outside the courthouse tonight. >> one of the keys we are watching for now is whether kermit gosnell will take the stand next week essentially to plead for his life. you know, he never testified during the trial itself. in fact, the defense put on zero witnesses to tell its side of the case. gosnell's attorney today after the verdict if he thought that was a mistake. here is what he said. >> as a trial lawyer at the time that you make them. and it's like sports. it would be easy to, you know, second guess it after the fact and say i should have done that after i lost. but, i don't. i made the decision and i made it jointly with my client and we distant by it acting the to the verdict the communicatio
on the defensive. how these latest controversies impact the president really depends on how the next week plays out. that's because so far the white house has been all talk on the a.p. and irs controversies but no action. the white house is implying that will change as soon as the irs comes out with an audit of its own wrongdoing. now, we expect that audit to come very soon, and if the president's actions, if the consequences of the president's outrage are severe and swift, that could help contain the problem and steady the ship here at the white house. the truth is, we don't see any foreseeable end to the controversies regarding the doj's investigation of these leaks or benghazi so they'll just have to manage that. it's really the irs story that hits home for most americans, so the white house will be working hard to try to really address the response to the irs. we're going to see how they deal with it, jake, in the next few days. >> joe, you were at the justice department today. there were times today when attorney general holder seemed to be staggering under the questioning. what was it like in
details literally by the hour. thanks. >> thanks, sean. >> still ahead, former defense secretary donald rumsfeld live in studio, but first tonight -- >> they are the taliban wing of american politics and we all ought to be a little worried about them. >> the leader of the naacp goes on a racial want against the tea party and says he supports the irs decision to target conservative groups. and you get to pick the video of the day as always. we will show you a clip of the three options. the winner will run in its entirety at the end of the show. here's number one. the baseball all-star collides with an immovable object. >> a challenge fast ball, pretty well hit to right and harper didn't take a great route to the ball and he bangs up against the fence and he's hurt. that will be a triple. >> my mantra? trust your instincts to make the call. to treat my low testosterone, my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or brea
helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. ♪ when you're carrying forda lot of weight, c-max has a nice little trait, you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c-max also beats prius v, with better mpg. say hi to the 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid. >>> this weekend in egypt, an al qaeda-linked militant cell was arrested for allegedly planning to carry out a series of suicide attacks. the three men arrested were found to be in possession of 22 pounds of explosive materials. today we learned with a bit more certainty than we had over the weekend that the planned targets of their attack were two foreign embassies in cairo, the french embassy and the american embassy. there's a long terrible history and in many parts of the world, there's a terrible risk of violent attacks on u.s. diplomatic facilities abroad. the famous ones, like the beirut bombings, tanzania, kenya in 1998, just during the george w. bush administration, there was attacks i
? >> the investigation -- really, i was watching your show last night, it's really from the defense side, it's damage control. they're trying to humanize the face who committed these sadistic horrors. the fbi, the law enforcement side, it is making a case, it is gathering the evidence that they collected during the search from the computers, from any diaries or digests. generally from my research in the past with other cases, they like to document, they like to document their cases, they like to embellish, sit back in the laz-e-boy chair, drink a beer and relive the crime over and over again. so they're gathering all this type of information. i'm looking at it, i was watching last night, i'm looking at it is damage control and where is it going to go with this. insanity as a defense, are they going to go irresistible impulse, my client could not control himself. it is something that is beyond his control. other cases i've had, they've come up with even so-called multiple personality. that's what's going to be interesting here. but the evidence really is looking good and when i hear the defense attorn
, dr. william hunt hwillho worked in the pathology defense. an unusual coincidence. what the police will tell cnn is that they are looking in to whether or not this case may have any connections to this latest murder, an unsolved mystery that has taken a lot of people in omaha by surprise five years ago, continues to be a mystery. they are hoping that more calls will be generated, that people will perhaps make some connections and that they will get more tips and be able to solve both of them. >> let's hope they do. all right. thanks very much. >>> here's what else we're working on for this hour here in the cnn newsroom. more than half a billion dollars, hard to imagine what you could do with that kind of cash. but people across the country are dreaming of winning the lotto. i'll be going out to buy my own ticket later today. plus he was once a billionaire, but now bernie madoff doesn't have enough money to make a phone call from prison. ahead, cnn spoke to him exclusively. we'll tell you what his day job is in prison right now and why he says he can't sleep. there i. we're american
of the points that's been very obvious is that democrats are not rushing to his defense. he has not and his white house team have not made friends in this town. it sounds sort of petty to say well they don't socialize, they don't call people in until recently with the golfing and the dinners. but the fact is he doesn't have a whole reservoir of goodwill up on the hill. >> i think the thing that would get them out of this is to actually get something done. i mean you know once say immigration passes or something like this, then this is going to sound like sort of a distant memory. >> is that going to happen, all of these house hearings are piled on each other. so can eat of you see a way that the gang of eight, yes they're working, but isn't this a distraction that at some point at some point there's going to be a republican meeting in some room off campus or on campus and they're going to say wait a second, do we really want to do this? do we want to give him a victory, even if it helps us politically? because right now, they're in a defensive crouch in the white house and maybe we want to
attend this conference. bret. >> bret: just to be clear, the defense department, defense secretary, chairman of the joint chiefs said that missiles going to syria from russia is a big problem. state department said, it's a year old story, you guys are off the track here. >> we don't know anything about it, they said. >> bret: thank you. what do you think will happen in syria? let me know on twitter. no matter what it says, the irs is not playing ball with republicans and we can prove it. that's later in the grapevine. up next, this sounds familiar, the gap in key white house scandal evidence [ man ] on december 17, 1903, the wright brothers became the first in flight. [ goodall ] i think the most amazing thing is how like us these chimpanzees are. [ laughing ] [ woman ] can you hear me? and you hear your voice? oh, it's exciting! [ man ] touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hi. [ baby fussing ] ♪ of mild to moderate alzheimer's disease is exelon patch. now with more treatment options, exelon patch may improve overall function and cognition. your lo
the judge is telling us, because the defense and government not talking. apparently the defense wanted to take these photographs cord rg to the judge's rulings, to try to mount what would probably be a likely challenge about the state of dzhokhar's mind, given the injuries that he had, whether the statements he made to investigators were voluntary. that's a quote. whether he -- the states were volunta voluntary. that's a quote from the ruling. and whether the defense could take these photographs to make a case down the road for any future mitigation might come at trial. again, the defense motions, all under seal about this. so the judge said, look, if you want any photographs taken, you'll have to allow the bureau of prisons to take those photographs, and you'll have to share those with the government. the defense did not want to do that. so we'll have to wait and see whether those photographs will be taken. and one final thing, we were kind of expecting an indictment to come down on monday, that generally happens 30 days after someone -- there are charges filed by way of a complaint.
-range missiles. a senior u.s. defense official confirming some nonprovocative testing. recently north korea moved two missiles believed to be capable of reaching guam. >>> a classified report from the pakinstani government obtained by fox news revealing that the pakinstani doctor who helped the u.s. track down osama bin laden was convicted on bogus charges. the report also showing the doctor was denied, denied political asylum in the u.s. >>> the ntsb is investigating the scene of the train collision in connecticut that injured 70. listen to this passenger describe the rush hour crash. >> kind of in and out of consciousness. kept asking the same question over and over again. i kept telling her, we're on the train. it crashed. >> jamie: over 700 people on those trains. three of the injured remain in critical condition. >> kelly: the nation's mid section under severe weather threat right now and several states, including nebraska, kansas and oklahoma being threatened by possible tornadoes. meteorologist janis dean is live on the fox extreme weather center. this is something that's very disturbing.
's ever testified in his own defense. on wednesday he was allowed one hand to be unshackled so he could explain evidence presented to show how his former attorney had poorly represented him in his 2008 case. that case centers around charges of theft and taking hostages at gun point in a las vegas hotel room as o. j. simpson was trying to reclaim memory beihl i can't. he said gantter not advised him well enough on what to do in that attempt to claim his things back and that the attorney was too dominant a character that he dared question his judgment. take a listen. >> yale is in charge. he makes no bones so that everybody that works with him knows that he's the guy that's in charge and it goes through him. he would tell me often not to talk to them, just talk to him. >> in response to that on friday, we saw an infuriated galanter make a heated outburst about the accusation being insane. e pes watching the exchanges say actually things appear to be falling into o.j.'s favor. >> if you look at the way he was this week on the witness stand and just use the other people as comparison, unbel
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